We are delighted to tell you our global webinar event for International Orangutan Day was a huge success!
Thank you so much if you were able to join us and for all the great questions that were asked.

What if I missed the event?
… or I want to watch certain parts again, then don’t worry! You’re in the right place.


Follow us behind the scenes of our famous forest school and experience a day in the life of our orangutans.


Exclusive talks with our incredible and dedicated orangutan caregivers and vet team.


Join us as we go behind the camera with Judith Curran, producer of our award winning Orangutan Jungle School series.


A unique chance to enjoy a couple of our full length episodes of Orangutan Jungle School with us.

Catch up on the event

You can watch our Wild Streaming Episodes, Orangutan talks with our BOSF team and chat with Judith Curran, producer of our award winning Orangutan Jungle School series through our YouTube channel, or by clicking on the video you wish to see, right here.

Please note, due to broadcasting restrictions, we are unable to post episodes of Orangutan Jungle School.

Wild Streaming Episode 1 – Off to School

Go behind the scenes at our Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre in Central Kalimantan, Borneo and see our orphaned orangutans go through a full day of forest school. Our centres are currently closed to all but essential staff to protect our orangutans from Covid-19, so this is our way to allow you a window into their current world.

Wild Streaming Episode 2 – Forest School

Continue following our adorable Orangutan students as they begin their daily lesson in the forest, and learn how to be a wild orangutan….easier said than done!

Wild Streaming Episode 3 – Playtime

Continue following our adorable Orangutan students as they return from the forest and enjoy some playtime before bed.

Wild Streaming Episode 4 – Bedtime

Our school day is drawing to a close, and now it is time for bed. Join our team as they put our youngest Forest School nursery students down for the night. Yawn!

International Orangutan Day – Orangutan Talks with our BOSF staff

Learn more about BOSF’s work to save orangutans with this in-depth discussion with the staff.

International Orangutan Day – Interview with Judith Curran

Join us as we discuss the making of the popular series, Orangutan Jungle School with its creator Judith Curran. Get her personal and behind the camera experience of the filming of this incredible show.

How Can I Help?

One of the best ways you can help is by adopting an orangutan either for yourself, or perhaps, as a gift for a friend or loved one. Simply select ‘Adopt’ from the Global Partner below to get started.









Our vision is to restore the natural balance for Bornean orangutans. Their survival is at risk solely due to human impact, pushing them to the brink of extinction.

Thus our mission is two-fold. First, we save orangutans in immediate danger through rescue, rehabilitation, and re-introduction to protected rainforests. Second, and equally important, we protect and restore their wild habitat by working alongside the native communities bordering them.

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